New Features in NAV: How are you using them?

By Amanda Mayer posted 12 days ago

Have you taken a look at some of the features in the newer versions of NAV? As a previous Controller, I remember the hours I spent contemplating implementing Positive Pay with the bank, but that would mean having my Partner develop the file I needed to send to the bank. Was it worth the extra cost and time? Or the hours spent on manually doing a bank reconciliation because there was no good way to reconcile without exporting everything to Excel, doing a Vlookup, checking all those crazy boxes..... Need I go on? How about the enormous Excel sheets to manage deferrals (i.e. prepaying for a service / maintenance agreements that amortizes equally over a period of time)?

I laughed a little when Microsoft came out with the Cash Flow functionality. I thought to myself, "Great, just one more thing for me to try to figure out, setup, and what does it tell me?" and promptly forgot all about it. Then came Cortana, adding Artificial Intelligence and creating some true forecasting functionality. Not to mention the Sales & Inventory forecasting.....

So, here is where I am today. I'm doing a little research for a session I'm leading next month specific to all this new functionality and I'd like to know more about HOW and IF you use them? Did you even know they existed? Do they seem overwhelming to overcome and implement? Have you figured out all the nooks and crannies? Please comment on this blog or message me privately with your experiences with these functions.

Thank you!

Amanda Mayer
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