Why Bring Your Team? | BCUG/NAVUG Summit Case Study - Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

By Delaney Freer posted 08-15-2018 02:12 PM


BCUG/NAVUG Summit Phoenix delivers 180+ breakout sessions and offers attendees a personalized learning experience through tracks based on industry, job roles, product version - including Business Central, and level of experience. Many organizations view BCUG/NAVUG Summit as an investment in their people and have found the best way to maximize knowledge consumption is to send a team of individuals representing several departments.

BCUG/NAVUG Member, Stonewall Kitchen, LLC, is sending eight team members to BCUG/NAVUG Summit in 2018. Organizations who send teams to BCUG/NAVUG Summit find taking a 'divide and conquer' approach to the sessions aids in achieving their business and professional educational objectives. By strategically identifying who will attend sessions before arriving at the conference, these organizations set up their team for a successful conference experience. Creating a shared experience among professional teams fosters a sense of community among their return to the office, and it's this community that is relied upon by others seeking the Dynamics 365 Business Central and legacy Dynamics NAV best practices gained during BCUG/NAVUG Summit.

Case Study
In a candid interview, Stonewall Kitchen, LLC shared the reasoning behind the decision to send several team members to attend BCUG/NAVUG Summit, how they plan to successfully navigate the breakout sessions, networking opportunities, and Expo hall, and how they'll disseminate their knowledge among other team members once they returned to the office.

“I am most looking forward to my team having the
opportunities to increase their knowledge, have exposure to
rock stars in our community, share their battle stories taking
pride in what they’ve accomplished, and get energized about
the next round of work we’re setting off to accomplish. I know
we’ll be outlining strategies together on the way home.”
- Andrea Hall, Information Technology Director, Stonewall Kitchen, LLC

Visit the Why Attend page on the BCUG/NAVUG Summit website or click the icon on the left to download the Case Study PDF.

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