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BCUG/NAVUG Podcast Transcription: Microsoft MVP Interview (Part 3)

By Delaney Freer posted Aug 22, 2019 05:31 PM


The BCUG/NAVUG Podcast is your easy opportunity to stay current with news and insights on Dynamics 365 Business Central / Dynamics NAV. Each month the User Group interviews community leaders to hear about the latest product and technology developments and discuss their perspectives and insights regarding how these tools are being applied.

In the May 2019 episode, we heard from Microsoft MVPs James Crowter and Erik Hougaard on their thoughts regarding Microsoft’s progress with the new platform, how existing NAV customers can prepare for the future, and a range of other insights on the ever-changing technology landscape.

It’s an informative, engaging discussion- and we’ve transcribed it for you in 3 parts. Here’s Part 3: Enjoy! 

Podcast participants:



Mark Rhodes

BCUG/NAVUG General Manager

Dynamic Communities



James Crowter, MVP

Managing Director

Technology Management 


Erik Hougaard, MVP

Software Development

E Foqus Danmark A/S


STOP! Make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of the Podcast before reading.

You know, it never really struck me until having this conversation how there really is not a finite number of options for somebody sitting on NAV 2015 or 2017 in terms of what they do next.  I mean, it really ‑‑ there's lots –


JAMES CROWTER: There lots and lots to guide somebody through that, because if I was going into that organization, I would look at what their customizations are. It's not a ‘can't’, it's like ‘is that customization fundamentally changing the posting routine or is it adding some extra fields and some extra calculation on that field of pages?'


MARK RHODES: What does it do? 


ERIK HOUGAARD: How you stand in the market really doesn't work with anything.


JAMES CROWTER: Correct. You're looking through that and then you're saying, well, what's the value to this business of this customization? Is it still valid? Because we strike out an enormous number that were a good idea at the time, but everybody goes: ‘we've moved past that now’.


ERIK HOUGAARD: What we're saying to customers running on the 15, 16 thing is that unless the switch from concurrent users to named users is an issue, go to the latest one. Don't stop at 18, because that will just complicate things in the long scale. Go to that one. 


JAMES CROWTER: I agree. And as ‑‑ and I'm just smiling at the end users thing because I think there might be an announcement later today.




JAMES CROWTER: A bit of news on that front. When are you going to broadcast this, Mark? 


MARK RHODES: That would be absolutely fantastic because we've been talking to Microsoft for a good six‑plus months about addressing that particular issue.


JAMES CROWTER: So just in case, let me not break confidences. But I think they are having some discussions. It's interesting to do. I think Microsoft genuinely want to get as many people as possible not to put any blocks in the way of people moving to Business Central. 

They're actually listening like they are on the functionality side to licensing challenges as well.


ERIK HOUGAARD: Yes, we're currently implementing a customer on 2018 for that simple reason that they're working in shifts and it's just a better overall decision for them to stay on 20 –




ERIK HOUGAARD: It can, yeah.


JAMES CROWTER: And now, not having the ability to upgrade to a 2018 license, is a pain, since April 1st.  So really that meshy plan, that ship has sailed.



[The day after this interview Microsoft announced that they would provide a 3:1 conversion for named users for existing NAV customers when moving to BC (was previously 2:1). Here's a BCUG/NAVUG discussion thread about the topic!]


More D365 BC/NAV resources.


MARK RHODES: I'm just going to do all my interviews with you guys from now on because I don't have to really prepare any questions. You guys just go, and I love this. My goodness. You've been so generous with your time. And I know you have stuff to get to. But any concluding thoughts or any other things we didn't talk about that you want to convey out? 


ERIK HOUGAARD: I'll just do a shameless block here and tell them the NAV ARKK users that I'm actually working on a book for our Business Central.




ERIK HOUGAARD: "The Business Central, The Field Guide."  So this is not a technical book; it's an end user book of all the different experiences that we have had working with Business Central, how to sign off, how to deal with partners, how to deal with Azure, how to deal with Office, how to get going with creating the first company and setting up permissions and all that stuff as a field guide.


MARK RHODES: Fantastic.


ERIK HOUGAARD: This is not something that's meant to be read from cover to cover. This is the book that you bring with you when you go out on an adventure. It's going to be a book as a service, meaning that whenever I figure out something, I will add those two, three paragraphs or a whole new chapter, whatever it is. Through the magic of GitHub and stuff like that, every time I write something, a new book will be generated and people who have purchased the book can download a new version.


MARK RHODES: It addresses in there how to deal with a snakebite? 


ERIK HOUGAARD: Probably, yeah.


MARK RHODES: Good, perfect, then. When is it due out? 


ERIK HOUGAARD: Before Summit.


MARK RHODES: Fantastic. We'll arrange some door prizes and get some give‑aways set up for there.  That's fantastic. Good. Concluding thoughts, James? 


JAMES CROWTER: We're starting to see a whole bunch of technical books that have been reviewed, which are very good. If you're in the development space, one around testing, I've got passion about, so that was really good. 

So, there is more and more resources out there and a lot of it is going to be updated to extensions and all the rest of it and be ‑‑ too development, there's more and more resources around which is catching up with that now, which is really good, but the end user, I'll look forward to reading.


ERIK HOUGAARD: I'll send you a copy.


MARK RHODES: We’re leaving our NAV 2018 resources page out on the website and creating a Business Central resources page as well. Microsoft is doing a lot around revised and updated and renewed training documentation, help documentation. We tried to consolidate all of that. Erik and James's blogs are out there* so you've got kind of a one‑stop‑shop to start from in terms of getting some help. We'll get those out there as well.

Guys, fantastic journey. Thank you, Erik Hougaard and James Crowter, really appreciate it. And, yeah, we'll make this a monthly thing if that's all right.


ERIK HOUGAARD: We'll take that up.


JAMES CROWTER: Might not be in the same room for that. But –


MARK RHODES: I think that should be part of it.


JAMES CROWTER: Thanks for having us.


MARK RHODES: Excellent. Thank you. A reminder that you can subscribe to our monthly podcasts on SoundCloud or iTunes. And thank you very much for listening. If you have any comments you can email us at and you'll find our social media handles @NAVUG. Let's keep the conversation going. 



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