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Case Study: Educational Opportunities (Holly Kutil)

By Delaney Freer posted Dec 02, 2019 04:04 PM


Holly Kutil
Before Holly Kutil was a D365UG BC/NAV All Star or began working for Innovia Consulting, she was a User, looking to efficiently utilize her software to best fit her company’s needs.

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American Ring

Founded in 1976 by R. L. Morrissey, American Ring manufactures and supplies retaining rings, snap rings, and Belleville disc springs. They are a family company committed to quality and service, providing customers with true solutions. American Ring is “big enough to matter and small enough to care.” They pride themselves on delivering service unmatched in the industry, taking their business personally, and always trying to ask the right questions. American Ring’s headquarters are in Solon, Ohio, and the company also has locations in Wisconsin, California, and Missouri. The business has stayed in the family, and in 2014 was passed to the second generation of Morrissey's –Michael, Bob, and Bridget –to lead the company into the future.

Introducing Holly Kutil

Holly Kutil gained incredible experience in IT and Accounting by working in the field for over 35 years. She has been a User Group member since 2014. In the past, Holly served as the Director of Business Intelligence for American Ring and as a Local User Group leader. Her specialties in the field include Accounts Receivable, Credit & Collections, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, Project Management, and IT Management. Each of these skills has helped Holly get to where she is today, a highly active User Group contributor who is always willing to help another in need.

Holly’s D365UG BC/NAV Experience

American Ring had been using Microsoft Dynamics NAV for a little over eight years before joining the User Group. “We had been blind to what was out there,” Holly shares. “It was a struggle, we didn’t understand the program, we were paying continually to get things fixed and upgraded for us.” After finding out about D365UG BC/NAV from a partner, the experience was completely altered.

“Going from being in the dark to understanding how to use Dynamics NAV and how to utilize the tools within it because other members were sharing was such an impact for us." - Holly Kutil

“Immediately, it was like someone turned the lights on for us.” Holly shares that as soon as she began to understand the program, she felt the urge to give that back to somebody else through the User Group, and that is exactly what she did.

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Furthering Holly’s D365UG BC/NAV Experience

With Holly’s new understanding of Dynamics NAV, she was able to utilize the software to best fit her company’s needs and increase her efficiency. The next step for Holly was to hop online and share this insight with other users. “I learned so much from D365UG BC/NAV, and now it’s a joy for me to go out and give that back to somebody else in the community and see that light go on for them too,” Holly notes. Holly also shared that her favorite ways to exchange knowledge is through blog posts and the Open Forum because they both provide easy ways to communicate openly with others.

“D365UG BC/NAV is almost like a college degree that I’ve earned through working with the User Group." - Holly Kutil

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This case study was conducted in 2017.