Good Morning Admin! Downtime....

By Holly Kutil posted Apr 06, 2018 08:09 AM


While we all enjoy a little downtime in our personal lives to unwind and enjoy the people and things near and dear to our hearts, downtime in the business world is unacceptable whether it is planned or unplanned, downtime has both a negative impact and cost to a business.  While 100% uptime is optimal, I have left room for the possible technological issue that would cause downtime and set out to achieve 99% Uptime.  For our company that plays out to 39 minutes per week,  2.6 hours per month, 8.5 hours per quarter and a whopping 33 hours per year in acceptable downtime.  This percentage will be broken down into 2 distinct groups, the first being total company downtime which will only be .01% of the total, and user workflow interruption which will be the remaining .09%


Finding the right percentage for your company is both the first step and key to setting the standard for downtime allowances.  The next step is deciding what constitutes downtime will you include workflow interruptions as part of your overall downtime percentage or consider it as a separate KPI, there are many other interruptions to consider that happen throughout the day with in a company that fall under the IT department and could be considered downtime and part of the overall health of your companies technology programs.


As technology and automation continue to become more prevalent in the workplace, the discussion around downtime and uptime becomes a very relevant topic of discussion in the IT and System Admin community.


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