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Enjoy BCUG/NAVUG Magazine on you iPad or iPhone

By Lewis Rosenberg posted Oct 20, 2018 10:48 PM


Now that User Group Summit 2018 has come and gone, this blog may be a little late, but still may be useful the next time you are traveling (User Group Focus?).  I had a long trip from Philadelphia to Phoenix and thought I could pass some time reading the current issue of BCUG | NAVUG magazine.  Unfortunately, I had not yet received it in the mail, so I figured out how to download it to my iPad.

Here are some simple steps to download BCUG/NAVUG Magazine to your iPad or iPhone.  If you know of a better or easier way, please post a reply.


Step 1:  Go to and scroll to the bottom of the home page for the site map (or simply go to: )
NOTE:  I did experience some issues logging onto on my iPad and iPhone, but you do not need to log on to access the current issue.

Step 2:  Click the middle of the image of the online magazine to open it to full screen view

Step 3:  Click the image to display the download link (top-left).  The downloaded copy of the magazine will open in a new browser tab.

  Download BCUG | NAVUG Magazine


Step 4:  Click the Upload button

Step 5:  Click Copy to iBooks. 

Copy BCUG | NAVUG Magazine to iBooks App

Now you can open BCUG | NAVUG Magazine in your iBooks app and enjoy your flight!

 Enjoy  BCUG | NAVUG Magazine on your iPad or iPhone


Lewis I. Rosenberg
BCUG/NAVUG Advisory Board Chair
IT Manager, Mars Fishcare