About The D365BCUG (BCUG)/NAVUG Advisory Board

By Lewis Rosenberg posted Oct 29, 2019 07:00 AM


As chair for the D365 Business Central User Group (aka BCUG)|NAVUG Board of Advisors, I have frequently heard the questions, “What does the board do?” and “What is the purpose of the Advisory Board?”  As I enter my second term as Advisory Board Chairperson, I hope to make the board members and what we do more visible to the BCUG|NAVUG community.

The BCUG|NAVUG board is a team of 15 people:  Nine BC or NAV users, one Microsoft MVP, two associates from BC|NAV VARs, one associate from a BC|NAV ISV, one representative from Microsoft, and the General Manager or Program Manager of BCUG|NAVUG who is employed by Dynamic Communities.

We are often described as “the eyes and ears of the community” and also “cheerleaders for the community.”  That is all true, plus we also are here to advise Dynamic Communities, the company that runs BCUG|NAVUG and several other User Groups.  While Dynamic Communities are the administrators for the user group, they seek our advice and guidance to make sure that every service provided is benefiting users and satisfying the user community in the best way possible.

In the past, the board has advised Dynamic Communities on how to best provide information about the transformation of NAV to Business Central, the need to provide education on Microsoft licensing, marketing, branding changes, the user group membership model, membership pricing, events, member recognition, partner participation, social media opportunities, and more. We also strive to be the “eyes and ears of the community” as previously mentioned.  This means that it is the responsibility of board members to observe and take note of user needs in the community.  Is there an issue that is not being addressed by Microsoft?  Is there a lack of education on a particular topic?  How similar and how different are NAV and BC and how do we address the way in which we provide education and support for both?  When we see something or hear about something that needs attention, we discuss it at our monthly meeting and determine how to address the issue.

The Advisory Board is here for you.  We always welcome your ideas and feedback.  You can find and contact board members at NAVUG.com by using the “About” drop-down menu at the top of the web site and selecting “Board of Advisors.”

I would like to thank the 2019 Advisory Board and especially thank retiring members for their passion, dedication, and service.  A big thank you to Robb Delprado, Victor Diercksen, Kim Dallefeld, Tom Doran, and Jannik Bausager.


For 2020, we welcome new board members: Bryan Christian, Cliff McDaniel, Suzanne Scanlan, Dave Wiser, and Chadd Sogge.


We all look forward to continued growth and positive change as we finish the year and enter 2020.  Once again, please contact any of us if you have any issues or questions that you would like us to address.

Lewis Rosenberg
IT Manager
Mars Fishcare
Chalfont PA
BCUG/NAVUG Board of Advisors, Chairperson
BCUG/NAVUG Programming Committee

Twitter: @RosenbergL
LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/rosenbergl

NAVUG/D365BC-User Group Focus
May 18-19, 2019
Denver, Colorado