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D365UG-BC | NAVUG Board Blog, November 2019

By Lewis Rosenberg posted Dec 03, 2019 09:56 AM


Hello and welcome to the D365UG-BC-NAVUG Board Blog for November/December 2019 (Our next meeting will be in January).  We had the first of nine meetings for our new 2020 advisory board.  Since user group members always wonder about the purpose of the board, I thought it would be a good idea to kick off this new blog after each advisory board meeting.

The board is an advisory committee to Dynamic Communities.  Dynamic Communities runs the D365 User Group for Business Central (BC) and Dynamics NAV and the advisory board represents the members of the user group community.  The advisory board is comprised of nine NAV/BC user members, two Microsoft Partner members, one ISV (Independent Software Vendor) member, one Microsoft MVP, and one representative from Microsoft.

We kicked off our November meeting with introductions of our new members and the supporting Dynamic Communities staff.  Dynamics communities has completed a slight restructuring.  Some key people who support our User Group are:

  • Laurie Kuehl, D365UG Business Central | NAV Program Manager
  • Lisa Oberg, D365UG Business Central | NAV Program Manager
  • Paula DeMinck, D365UG Business Central | NAV Program Coordinator D365UG Business Central | NAV, GPUG Partner Program Coordinator
  • Heather Williams, Dynamics 365 Community Development
  • Tony Stein, Vice President, Programming & Content


Our new board members for 2020 are:

  • Bryan Christian, IT Systems Manager, VPT, Inc.
  • Cliff McDaniel, Director of Operations, John H Carter
  • Suzanne Scanlan, Marketing Director, ArcherPoint
  • Dave Wiser, Project Manager, Tigunia
  • Chad Sogge, Group Program Manager: SMB, Microsoft


We discussed the roles of the board over the past two years to help us formulate ideas on what our 2020 approach will be concerning board member participation. 

Laurie Kuehl provided an overview of upcoming events along with the announcement that the call for proposals and website for D365 Focus will be available starting December 16 (a month earlier than last year).  The Focus event is scheduled for May 18-19 in Denver, Colorado (two months later than last year).

We followed with a lengthy discussion about Summit discussing both what worked and what needs work.  Our discussions covered  the keynote and general sessions, space/capacity, fast chats, PowerZone sessions, community theater, networking during meals, meeting areas, session recordings, and more.

We closed the meeting discussing what we are thankful for.  We are thankful for this very special, dedicated and passionate user group community.




eXtreme365 Europe:  Barcelona | 9-12 March 2020

Community Summit Europe:  Barcelona | 10-12 March 2020

D365 Focus North America:  Denver | May 18-19, 2020

Community Summit, North America: Nashville | October 6-9, 2020


Power Platform World Tour 2019

Calgary | October 3-4

Mexico City | 23-24 October

Vienna| 29-30 October

Dublin | October 30-31

Munich | November 5-6

Madrid | November 13-14

São Paulo | 18-19 November

Milan | 19-20 November

Sydney | 21-22 November

Portland | December 3-4

Phoenix | December 4-5

Anaheim | December 4-5

Brussels | December 4-5

San Diego | December 11-12

2020 Board

Lewis I. Rosnberg
D365UG-BC-NAVUG Advisory Board Chairperson
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