Is Dynamics NAV going away?

By Mark Rhodes posted Sep 11, 2018 12:55 PM


Yes, ….. and no.

Heard about Dynamics 365 Business Central? If not, or you don’t know much yet, you’re not alone – about 40% our community hasn’t (according to our member survey last month). Business Central is the new name for Dynamics NAV.  Microsoft released the cloud version, hosted on Azure, in April.  The on-premise version (aka NAV 2019) will be released this fall.

So what’s this mean to you and your organization? If you’re like most, your key concerns about what’s happening with Dynamics NAV are straight forward:

  1. Will we be able to keep using Dynamics NAV / Business Central for our operations?
  2. How much is it going to cost us?

You have a business to run and I suspect do not have an unlimited IT budget. You’ve invested a lot in getting Dynamics NAV to run just like you want it, and even more keeping it up to date.

Straight-forward concerns, but the answers aren’t. But we can help you find the answers. Much of our programming and resources this year have been geared to helping you get up to speed – check out our podcasts, webinars, magazines, etc.

But there is one place that will help the most:


Summit traditionally is the first place you’ll be able to see the latest version of Dynamics NAV (excuse me, Business Central). But this year, in addition to the dedicated track, we have a set of other breakout sessions addressing what Business Central means for you and how to evaluate your options. There is a Business Central bootcamp class, the Microsoft R&D team will be there, existing Business Central customers to meet, and more. You need to figure out what Business Central means for your operations, and there is no better place to do that than Summit 2018.

Still interested in improving your use of the Dynamics NAV you’re currently using? No worries – most of your fellow attendees are right there with you, and most of the 160+ breakout sessions are about Dynamics NAV.

But, you have to get there. Register ASAP (your partner may have a discount code for you), and I’ll see you in Phoenix!