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Want to chat with an Industry experts around a specific BC/NAV topic at Summit North America? Here is your chance! "Fast Chats"

By Paula DeMinck posted Oct 08, 2019 02:08 PM


New this year at BCUG/NAVUG Summit North America the offering of “Fast Chats”.  30 min informal meetings and/or discussions without a preset agenda held at the Medic station during breakout sessions. Such a great way for attendees to meet each other around specific topics, discuss issues, perhaps identify some solutions.
Please check out the Summit North America BC/NAV schedule for times and topics. 

Scheduled Topics Blanket PO’s, Blanket SO’s, Business Central – General, Business Central in the Cloud, Campaigns and Segments, Combining Shipments, Consolidations, Dimensions Q & A, Discrete Manufacturing, Item Charges, Job Queue, Multi-Currency, Partial Shipments, Permissions, Process Manufacturing, Purchase Returns, Sales Returns, Vendor and Customer Templates, Vendor Returns, Versioning on Sales Orders and Quotes, Multinational Operations