Upcoming Academy Power BI Workshops!

By Shane Wolf posted 7 days ago


Join us for an upcoming Power BI Boot camp designed to get students up to speed on building and deploying custom analytics and reporting solutions using Microsoft's rapidly evolving Power BI platform. Whether you are a Business User, Data Professional or Software Developer, we have a workshop that's right for you!

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"Ted was an excellent trainer. Easy to listen to and follow, exceeded my expectations." - Angela Wentz

Nov 20 | Academy - Deep Dive into Power BI 2 Day Workshop

Course Modules:
1.Introduction to the Power BI Platform
2.Extracting and Transforming Data using Power BI Desktop
3.Building a Data Model using Power BI Desktop
4.Modeling Data for Time Intelligence and Budgeting
5.Designing and Publishing Reports
6.Designing and Publishing Dashboards
7.Managing Gateways and On-premises Data
8.Integrating Power BI with Excel 2016 and Excel Online

Nov 28 | Academy- Power BI 4-Day Boot Camp

Course Modules:
1: Introducing the Power BI Platform
2: Getting Started with Power BI Desktop
3: Using the Query Features of Power BI Desktop
4: Using the Data Modeling Features of Power BI Desktop
5: Modeling Data with Dimensional Hierarchies and Time Intelligence
6: Designing Interactive Reports in Power BI Desktop
7: Designing and Deploying Dashboards
8: Designing Dashboards for Mobile Devices
9: Managing Power BI Gateways and On-premises Data
10: Integrating Power BI with Excel 2016 and Excel Online

Dec 04| Academy- Power BI Developer 4-Day Bootcamp

Course Modules:
1. Power BI Developer Overview
2. Power BI Desktop Primer 1
3. Power BI Desktop Primer 2
4. Programming with TypeScript and the D3.js Library
5. Getting Started with the Power BI Developer Tools
6. Developing and Distributing Custom Visuals
7. Developing R Scripts using RStudio
8. Integrating R Scripts into Power BI Desktop
9. Developing Custom R Visuals
10. Programming with the Power BI REST API
11. Getting Started with Power BI Embedded
12. Developing Applications with Power BI Embedded

Note: The four day classes will be offered Distance Learning as well as onsite in Tampa, Florida (DCE Productions, 5415 W Sligh Ave. Suite 102). During the registration process, you will be asked if you wish to take the class onsite.

These classes will be instructed by Ted Pattison, of Critical Path Training. Ted is an active member throughout the Power BI community and is not only teaching these upcoming academy class but has already instructed hundreds of end-users within the user group.

If you have any questions, please contact shane.wolf@dynamiccommunities.com