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Undeposited Funds and Bank Reconciliation

By Suzanne Goeden posted Oct 02, 2019 04:21 PM

We have a "Bank Account" set up called undeposited funds and our credit card transactions are posting to this account.  We then post the full bank deposit that hits the bank offsetting to this account.  Our thought was that we could clear the transactions daily.  The individual credit card transactions and the bank deposit would zero out when reconciled daily or unmatched entries would remain for future reconciliation.  My question is when I do a bank account reconciliation and check all of the GL entries which total zero,  how do I get a report showing those transactions that are clearing?  The report only displays Bank account transactions, it does not show cleared GL lines nor does it show uncleared GL lines.  In QB a bank reconciliation report shows all of the activity not only the bank portion.  Is something set up incorrectly in NAV that I need to change?  Also, if someone could direct me to some documentation on the Cash Receipt Journal and Deposits information that would work similarly to the undeposited funds function in QB that would be extremely helpful.

Thank you,
Suzanne Goeden