How to Create a Purchase Quote in Microsoft Dynamics Business Central or Dynamics NAV and Convert It to an Order

By Suzanne Scanlan posted Nov 13, 2019 05:34 PM


In this blog, you’ll learn how to create a Purchase Quote and convert it to an Order in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Business Central. You would use this for various reasons, including:

  • To purchase items or services
  • Receive the offers from vendors
  • Provide the prices and delivery time of items customers need
  1. In the search box, search for Purchase Quotes.

  2. To create a new Purchase Quote, click New in the home ribbon or use Ctrl +N.
    Purchase Quote Option in Dynamics NAV or BC

    A Quote number is automatically generated specifying the series to which it belongs.
  3. Enter the vendor name and press Enter, which will automatically populate the header.
    Enter Vendor Details
  4. After completing the details required:
    1. Select the type field in the Line tab
    2. Enter the item Number (it automatically populates the description)
    3. Enter the location code
    4. Enter quantity to order
    5. Enter the direct unit cost
      Enter Vendor Details
  5. On the Action tab, click Make Order to create a Purchase Order from the Purchase Quote.
    Convert Purchase Quote
    Message specifies the order number converted to quotePurchase Order
*Reprinted from the blog.