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  • 1.  Virtual Chapter Meeting!

    Posted Apr 30, 2020 01:21 PM

    Socially distance yourself while enjoying a virtual session of the Chicago Chapter of BC/NAVUG on May 7th, 2020. This event was a collaboration among many vendors and we sincerely thank @Margaret Bendis of EazyStock for hosting and New View Strategies and Archerpoint for offering flexibilty.

    Please click here to register for the event. Again, this is available to everyone, regardless of region or city. The more, the merrier!

    The meeting agenda is as follows:

    1. Welcome
    2. BCUG/NAVUG Announcements
    3. Attendee engagement
    4. (1:30pm CDT) Presentation by @Cynthia Priebe of New View Strategies - The Straight Dope on BC
      • If you've been following the transition from NAV to BC you know that there is a tremendous amount of change happening and it can be thoroughly confusing. Is BC as good as NAV? Have they really taken away features? Is the new interface hard to use? Do I have to go to the cloud? Is there a deadline to migrate? We'll get you up to speed with what's changed and what hasn't, new features that are really making BC shine, and an honest overview of terms, options, and basic decisions so you can work on a sensible plan with your partner.

    5. (2:30pm CDT) Presentation by @Matt Street of Archerpoint - Selling on Amazon: What You Need to Know
      • Learn Amazon terminology, get an overview of the various Amazon portals and learn about integration possibilities with NAV/BC that will automate and streamline your sales, fee payments and reporting on Amazon
    6. Closing comments

    This is open to anyone! Please encourage your fellow co-workers to join if the topics are of interest.​​​​


    Online Instructions:
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    Ravi Rooprai
    (708) 388-2223 x2373

    Event Presenters

    profile image

    Cynthia Priebe

    Title & Company: Senior Trainer and Consultant, New View Strategies
    Bio: Cynthia's experience in accounting, inventory control, sales support and general management provide her with a perspective that her client's appreciate. She enjoys seeing each NAV/Business Central implementation improve with age as she helps her clients explore the many new ways NAV/Business Central can support and improve their processes. In addition ...
    Presentation Title: The Straight Dope on BC
    profile image

    Matt Street

    Title & Company: ArcherPoint Inc.
    Bio: Executive leader with experience in applying technology to drive business process improvement and enhance business strategies. Solid background in software design and development, business process improvement, IT Infrastructure, ERP systems, advanced principles of accounting, business planning, and operations.

    Specialties: Software and Database ...
    Presentation Title: Selling On Amazon: What You Need to Know

    Munir Latif
    Independent Consultant/Developer
    Homer Glen, IL

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