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Next Local Chapter Meeting 1 week from NOW!

  • 1.  Next Local Chapter Meeting 1 week from NOW!

    Posted Apr 03, 2019 04:35 PM

    We are super excited about the technical expertise we have lined up for NEXT Wednesday 4/10.

    If you are managing inventory or a warehouse and fulfillment logistics, or if you really need a better understanding of how NAV stores your data in SQL and how to get it out into reports, you will not want to miss this meeting next week.

    Register now (or before EOD Monday) and we'll have a lunch for ya!

    I also understand that our Local Group Foodie will be bringing fresh fruit munchies (aka CrunchPak's!) to share as well!

    Annalisa Parnell
    Business Technology Manager
    Pacific Bag, Inc
    Woodinville WA

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