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Need your input -- 4 clicks to help us select content for our chapter meetings this year

  • 1.  Need your input -- 4 clicks to help us select content for our chapter meetings this year

    Posted 27 days ago
    Hey Seattle BC|NavUG folks,

    Please tell us what YOU would like for content with this 1-page survey:

    We added 8 more topics to the bottom of the list.
    Below are short descriptions of each session being offered.
    (If you already submitted before today submit the survey one more time and check one or two of the new options)

    # Title Description
    1 Selling on Amazon: What You Need to Know Learn Amazon terminology, get an overview of the various Amazon portals, and learn about integration possibilities with NAV/BC that will automate and streamline your sales, fee payments, and reporting on Amazon
    2 The Added-Value Conversation A thought-provoking discussion around the Added-Value Theory of Business. We'll talk about ArcherPoint's journey of identifying our current added value, mindset shift to find areas to create value in our business, and lessons learned along the way in efforts to help your company identify what value you add to the world.
    3 Serving Customers with a Remote Workforce Learn the pros and pitfalls of having remote service delivery and how to keep your remote teams engaged and energized.
    4 Women in the C-Suite and Boardroom Discuss perceived barriers for women in the workforce, learn how to prepare yourself to be chosen for a leadership role and invited into the boardroom, and gather tips to seize opportunities to set yourself up for success!
    5 Working with Developers Effective techniques and communication practices to use when working with developers
    6 The Solution Quality Landscape Understanding the different definitions of quality and how to prioritize what is important to your company
    7 The Future of Development Whatever the hot topic of the day is with regards to NAV / BC development. Everything changes so fast now that there are practically new things every month.
    8 Defensive Programming You'll learn ways to be deliberate about handling errors and exceptions within your NAV / BC Code
    9 Software Evolution: Refactoring There has never been a better time to improve the internal quality of your code. You'll leave with a specific plan to get all of your code into AL and make your development life easier in the long term.
    10 Converting from C/AL to AL Is C/AL Really Gone? You'll learn why this had to happen, the mindset your company has to adopt when it comes to modifications, as well as the technical steps necessary to convert from C/AL to AL
    11 Automated Testing Automated testing is not as complicated or time-consuming as it sounds. You'll learn the ins and outs of the Test Toolkit and how to create automated tests
    12 When Upgrades Are No Longer Upgrades: How to Get Current and Stay Current Learn how to mitigate the risks associated with upgrades and minimize the disruption caused by upgrading. Discover how to upgrade over a weekend, and debunk the myths of "my database is too big" and "my database is too complex" as reasons why you can't upgrade.
    13 Everything Decision Makers Need to Know About Upgrading to Business Central We answer the top ten questions you need to ask before you embark on an upgrade project.
    14 For Your Next Upgrade, Go Hybrid No need to convert from C/AL and customization to AL and Extensions lock, stock, and barrel. We'll walk through how to take a hybrid approach by moving your base pages to AL, but keeping your other code in C/AL. In addition to reducing your upfront effort and cost, it's a good solution to accommodate your ISV solutions that have yet to fully transition to Extensions. Learn the what, why, when, and where to apply a hybrid methodology to your Dynamics NAV/BC system as you evolve to Business Central and how to make smart decisions related to hybrid upgrades that make sense for your business.
    15 Upgrade vs. Re-implementation Get crystal clear clarity on the key differences between an upgrade and a re-implementation. We'll provide a brief analysis on the cost, time, technical challenges, and the final output of these two different paths to updating Dynamics NAV. We'll also discuss what critical factors lead companies to upgrade or re-implement. We'll also answer questions about your unique scenario to help guide you to make the best decision for your company.
    16 Why Choose Power BI? There are many business intelligence tools on the market today, so why should you choose Power BI? This session covers the reasons why Power BI is the one and only choice for Dynamics users, touches on the importance of your data strategy and shows you how to build a proof of concept for bringing the power of Power BI into your organization.
    17 How to Setup Power BI for Your Enterprise: You are ready to add Power BI to your workforce toolset, but how do you get started? You are ready to add Power BI to your workforce toolset, but how do you get started? This session will help you make sense of data flows and the Azure data lake, and give you the steps needed to effectively deploy Power BI in your organization, making it easy for your users to get the information they need to make informed decisions.
    18 BI (i.e. PowerBI/Jet Global) General Best Practices/tips
    19 Basic/Advanced Whse/WMS General Best Practices/tips
    20 Manufacturing General Best Practices/tips
    21 Project implement methods General Best Practices/tips
    22 Differences between NAV 2018/D365 BC General Best Practices/tips
    23 Upgrades/re-implementations General Best Practices/tips
    24 Fixed Assets General Best Practices/tips
    25 Easy Security General Best Practices/tips
    26 Relationship management/CRM General Best Practices/tips
    27 Financial Management General Best Practices/tips
    28 Change Management General Best Practices/tips
    29 On-Prem vs Cloud General Best Practices/tips
    30 Service General Best Practices/tips
    31 Resources General Best Practices/tips
    32 Jobs General Best Practices/tips
    33 Teams Real-World Experience and use of Teams for a remote workforce
    34 NAV/BC Tips & Tricks General Best Practices/tips
    35 5 Costliest Errors to Avoid at Month-End  Would you like to close your month-end quicker and spend less time making corrections? Who wouldn't? You're going to save valuable time and lots of frustration as we step through five common problems, how to fix them, and most importantly, how to make them go away.  
    36 Using Credit Management and Relationship Management to Improve your Collections Process  In the throes of Covid-19, our aged receivables are growing and successful collections efforts more difficult with more calls to customers and a mountain of follow-ups and sticky notes on laptops. Working from home this can quickly get out of hand at a time more visibility and control is needed. Fortunately Business Central is primed to help streamline your collections process and be more proactive. Let's learn about the Credit Management page and related functionality, how to make notes in BC and easily retrieve documents for review, and how to use Interactions and Tasks to help us follow up with those customers who promise a check is in the mail.  
    37 Fixed Assets, On a Whole 'Nother Level  You've set up and are tracking fixed assets in your Dynamics NAV / Business Central system. Throw on autopilot and move on? To really harness the power in the system, you need to understand fixed assets at the next level. We'll walk through how to set up and use additional depreciation books and invoke custom depreciation methods, how to track and manage maintenance, how to record insurance, and how to handle asset disposition.  
    38 Are You Feeling Under Depreciated?  We'll cut to the chase so you can be off and running with Fixed Assets, right inside the Business Central system you already own! Trash those spreadsheets! No more worrying about using the correct formulas, calculating depreciations manually or re-keying balances - learn how to set up your assets the right way. Turn your depreciation from a chore to cheers! 
    39 Effective Use of Permissions and Track Changes in Business Central  Does your user permissions and roles in Business Central / NAV feel a bit like the wild west? Do you know who truly has access to what? Good news people - there is a new sheriff in town, and she's ready to help you clean up. You're guaranteed to earn your badge as we review how to approach permission planning, segregate and control permissions based on user responsibilities, set up related master data to quickly apply permissions to user groups and departments, and empower your deputies.  
    40 Add Sales Invoices to Your Marketing Arsenal  That's right, you can use Business Central to send content-rich emails with your sales invoices - isn't that a clever way to help out the sales team? In this "how to" session, you'll see how easy it is to create content-rich email templates for including these additional sales tools when emailing sales invoices to your customers. Learn how to include graphics and URL links and how you can use this tool to target customers with specific marketing campaign information, while others still receive a more standard format.  
    41 10 BC Functions Every System Admin Should Know  Whether you're new to Business Central or have been in the trenches for a while, no one loves spending more time than they need to on system admin. If you're looking to be more efficient with routine tasks or would like to find out what's been added for you in the last couple versions, we've got you covered. We'll cover how to import and sync users with Office 365, how to set up a sandbox in just minutes, how to set up email for your users inside BC, new features around permissions, and more. 
    42 Why User Adoption is So Elusive, and What to Do About It  As long as ERP software has existed, so has the struggle to achieve good user adoption. Why? And more importantly, what can we do about it? Obviously challenging, but certainly achievable, we'll walk through root causes of the struggle, and review methods for correcting and driving sustainable user adoption, which leads to more efficient processes, better service, and more to your bottom line. This will be a highly interactive session in which you'll work with your neighbors to innovate solutions to common challenges, so everyone can return to their office with new energy and a full list of ideas to implement. 
    43 Other 1 Please Specify
    44 Other 2 Please Specify

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