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Seeking new Leadership for NAVUG Austin

  • 1.  Seeking new Leadership for NAVUG Austin

    Posted Feb 14, 2018 10:49 AM
    ​​Dear all,

    I am moving to a new position at a NAV partner, so we're going to need someone else to fill the admin shoes for this Chapter. I will continue to be a part of it, and help as I can, but I'll have to pass the reigns to another willing soul.

    The job is pretty simple as the folks at Dynamics Communities have laid it all out.

    And between Laurie, myself, and your other group members, we can continue to expand our NAVUG Chapter.

    If you want to step up, please let me know.

    Friday is my last day at this company, and on Monday I'll be transitioning this account to my new company e-mail.

    Thanks for being a part of this group :)

    Val Gameiro
    Senior NAV Analyst
    BPL Plasma Inc.
    Austin, Texas
    NAVUG Austin Chapter Leader

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