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    Posted 25 days ago
    Im sure one more Zoom/Teams call and you might just go crazy and move to the Outback to never be seen from again. I get it...however, we'd love for you to join us on what should be good fun and some great topics monthly.

    First up is Great Lakes on Feb 23rd" Great Lakes User Group Finance Functions Roundtable
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    Great Lakes User Group Finance Functions Roundtable
    Please join the Great Lakes User Group at our Finance Function Roundtable! We will be joined by Kerr
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    Okay so these are powerhouses of speakers, if you haven't seen Kim and Kerry have you really lived? Literally a not to be missed event!!

    Next up, in April is Denver!!! YAY! That's us!!! Hopefully, for everyone's sake, someone will join me as a speaker b/c this is going to be a beast: MRP - How To Get Your System Ready So You Don't Fail Like I Did
    100% based on personal experience and how you could avoid all the pitfalls I found for you! Even if you're currently using MRP OR you've thought about it but wasn't so sure it's for you, there should be something in it for everyone. Or if not, I mean it's zoom you can just go, I would cry later when I see your dot go off...but I wont hold it against you. I mean we're still friends? You didn't leave b/c lack of love right? RIGHT??!?!?

    Anyways, it's been way too long and I hope you guys can join our cool series and maybe, at some point we can see each other in person at a conference or local chapter meeting.

    Andrea Riviezzo
    IT Manager - NAV
    Charlotte's Web, Inc.
    Boulder CO

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