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  • 1.  1099-NEC form

    Posted 6 days ago
    Per the IRS 2021 instructions for form 1099-NEC, they have resized the form so that it will accommodate 3 forms on a page.  Does anyone know if an upgrade has been released to adjust the report for NAV?
    Thank you

    Darlene Thompson
    Garner Industries
    Lincoln NE

  • 2.  RE: 1099-NEC form

    Posted 6 days ago
    Hi Darlene!

    I don't believe a new version has been released for that form yet, last year when the NEC coding came out the update hit in early / mid January (assuming so MSFT could make sure the IRS didn't change their mind again) so assuming it will have similar timing with the change this cycle.

    Hope things are going well!

    Spencer Coulter
    Director, Business Applications

    D: 515.281.9248 F: 515.471.5261

  • 3.  RE: 1099-NEC form

    Posted 23 hours ago
    I don't have all the details but I am working on this now.  It looks like (this info is specifically for NAV 2018 by the way) Cumulative Update 46 has a 2021 version of the 1099 Misc and 1099 NEC.  If you are like us you haven't done much with any hotfixes since your last upgrade so I will tell how to install the hotfix to get these things working from scratch without any of the other unrelated hotfixes.

    You will need to start by getting your license "refreshed" so you can run the new reports.  I am doing that now and will report back once I have the rest of the info (hopefully a few days).

    Jason Wilder
    Senior Application Developer
    Stonewall Kitchen
    York ME

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