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RDLC, sum iif "Global dim code = 1..9

  • 1.  RDLC, sum iif "Global dim code = 1..9

    Posted 14 days ago

    Standard NAV report ID: 1011 Job Suggested Billing

    How do I get Totals, by "global dimension code", where code is from 1..9

    Blue is code 9, and totals goes to BLUE Circle
    Red is code 3, and totals goes to RED Circle

    I have tried this: (but I gives me an error, on report run)
    =Sum(IIf(Fields!AfdelingsKode.Value = 9, Fields!Amt6.Value,0))

    Henrik Jensen
    IT Chief
    Ocean Prawns A/S

  • 2.  RE: RDLC, sum iif "Global dim code = 1..9

    Posted 13 days ago
    Hard to know without seeing the error, but perhaps the 1..9 is actually a text character and not an integer? If so then you might try =Sum(IIf(Fields!AfdelingsKode.Value = "9", Fields!Amt6.Value,0))

    Greg Enns
    ERP Coordinator
    Technical Prospects
    Kaukauna WI