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Error message when Calculating WIP (Codeunit 1000 - Function CheckJobGLAcc)

  • 1.  Error message when Calculating WIP (Codeunit 1000 - Function CheckJobGLAcc)

    Posted Oct 11, 2019 08:18 PM
    Hi all:
    I am using NAV 2013 R2 with LF vertical. 3 of my companies use what we call Farming. On farming companies we have an extense use of Jobs. Basically on a Job we harvest and we include all our expenses. So that way we concentrate all the cost of a plant and fruit.

    I am facing an issue becuase Lf is asking me to have "Gen. Prod. Posting Group" and "Tax Business Posting Group" with data but on the other hand Codeunit 1000 - Function CheckJobGLAcc does not like that part.

    Does anyone know what is the purpose of that function?
    Here is the code.

    LOCAL CheckJobGLAcc(AccNo : Code[20])
    GLAcc.TESTFIELD("Gen. Posting Type",GLAcc."Gen. Posting Type"::" ");
    GLAcc.TESTFIELD("Gen. Bus. Posting Group",'');
    GLAcc.TESTFIELD("Gen. Prod. Posting Group",'');
    GLAcc.TESTFIELD("VAT Bus. Posting Group",'');
    GLAcc.TESTFIELD("VAT Prod. Posting Group",'');

    Juan F Martinez
    Wholesum Family Farms Inc.
    Nogales AZ
    Academy - Online Interactive Learning from Experts

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