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Tooltip in NAV 2017 on Subform

  • 1.  Tooltip in NAV 2017 on Subform

    Posted 12 days ago

    I compare another field on the same page that is a sub-page(Sales Quote Subform PD) of the Sales Quote PD that I was able to use a tooltip and it would show however the others in the top of the page do not. For example one of the top fields is "Line No." when selecting it and then clicking on the properties icon and then entering anything in for the tooltip part nothing is showing after saving and running NAV unlike other pages.

    I noticed that one is a under a group that is a repeater and I didn't know if that has something to do about it not showing. The fields like "Line No." you can click on for Aesc and Desc but no tooltip shows, the summary fields do show under the group>group but not group>repeater.

    So my question is it not possible to have tooltip show on repeating fields in the subform of a page?

    Thanks in advance!

    GovernmentAcquisitions, Inc.

  • 2.  RE: Tooltip in NAV 2017 on Subform

    Posted 9 days ago
    You should be able to set the ToolTip for any of the fields, whether Repeater or not.  Are there entries in the ToolTipML property which may be conflicting?

    David Wiser
    Sr. Solution Consultant
    2019-2020 Board of Advisors
    BCUG|NAVUG All-Star

  • 3.  RE: Tooltip in NAV 2017 on Subform

    Posted 8 days ago
    Hi David,

    For the example for the "Line No." :
    Tooltip         =    Line number on the quote
    ToolTipML   =    ENU=Line number on the quote

    Nothing shows when hovering the mouse of that field, as the other fields below will.

    The same ENU= works for the 4 fields on the bottom that are in the Group>Group part.


    GovernmentAcquisitions, Inc.

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