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Suggest Vendor Payments - how to save settings?

  • 1.  Suggest Vendor Payments - how to save settings?

    Posted Sep 05, 2019 07:00 PM
    ​​We do a bi-weekly check run for multiple companies in NAV2017. Despite "Last used options and filters" being the default under Saved Settings, it saves very little from the last check run - usually only the vendor posting group & payment method.

    We would love to be able to save the Last Payment Date, Posting Date, Bal. Account Type, and Bal. Account No. reliably as we move between companies on the same day. (Or even for a second round of Suggest Vendor Payments in the same company when we have to fix an error.) Is there any way to get it to save those options & filters instead of having to select them every time for every company?


    Tara Langley
    Accounting Manager
    Culver Franchising System, LLC.
    Prairie du Sac WI

  • 2.  RE: Suggest Vendor Payments - how to save settings?

    Posted Sep 06, 2019 07:31 AM
    Good morning Tara.  Unfortunately I don't have a NAV 2017 instance to test.  I tried it in BC SAAS and here are a few comments.
    1. It saved the Last Payment Date between runs
    2. It saved the Posting Date between runs
    3. The Bal. Account Type and Account No. are set at the journal template level.  My suggestion is to explore leveraging multiple batches.  Search = General Journal Templates > Navigate command > Template > Batches. 
    As far as running across companies, BC won't pull from another company natively when running the engine.  If you are managing the multiple entities for your organization inside of the same company and using dimensions to segregate the companies then the saved settings are available.

    This doesn't get you all of the way there.  I hope it moves you forward at least a little.

    Please share what you implement with the group.

    Best of luck!

    Jason Nicolaou
    Engagement Manager
    Sikich, LLP


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