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RapidStart NAV 2016 and Automatic Cost Posting

  • 1.  RapidStart NAV 2016 and Automatic Cost Posting

    Posted Sep 19, 2018 12:17 PM
    We just recently created a permission set for rapid start and assigned it to a few people.  Upon first use the users needed permission to modify the Inventory Setup table.  The Package they were using has nothing to do with the Inventory Setup table, not even close.

    Upon further investigation I found some odd code that runs when you hit the Apply Package button in the ribbon of the Config. Package Card page.  The code is located in Codeunit 8611 Config. Package Management, Function ApplyPackage at the top.  It basically changes the field "Automatic Cost Posing" to false in the Inventory Setup table!  Then at the end of the function it sets it back to the original value.  This is so weird.

    Here's the issue though.  There is a commit in between this and if you get an error after that commit it never gets the chance to set the "Automatic Cost Posting" field back to its original (this happened to us in our test environment).

    I checked a NAV 2018 database and this code has been completely removed.  I thought it worth mentioning to those NAV 2016 users (could be in other versions as well) that use rapid start as this could be quite undesirable to turn Automatic Cost Posting off unintentionally.  To solve this simply comment out the first 8 lines and the last 13 lines of code in Codeunit 8611 ApplyPackage Function.

    Jason Wilder
    Senior Application Developer
    Stonewall Kitchen
    York ME

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