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MRP NAV 2015 - planning worksheet for purchase orders

  • 1.  MRP NAV 2015 - planning worksheet for purchase orders

    Posted 11 days ago
    Hello -

    Hoping someone may be able to help with an issue we are seeing when using the planning worksheet for purchase orders.

    We have a purchased item that when we run the worksheet instead of giving me an action message of reschedule in it is simply ignoring the released PO that is already in the system and asking me to create a new PO for a due date the week before.

    I would expect it to give me an attention and action message to rescheduling in a week so that it will meet the demand.

    On the purchase order the planning flexibility = unlimited (I believe all our PO's default to this)

    Item card
    Reorder policy = lot for lot
    Dampner Period = blank
    Dampner Quantity =  blank
    Rescheduling Period = blank

    I believe we are not getting the action message due to a setup issue but looking to see if anyone can give some advice.


    Kristina O'Donnell
    Manchester NH NH

  • 2.  RE: MRP NAV 2015 - planning worksheet for purchase orders

    Posted 10 days ago

    Based on the date moving CLOSER in time I was expecting to see Cancel/New suggestions from the system.  When you said it ignored the PO, I was expecting to see Planning Flexibility = None on the PO line.

    Is your demand source components on a Job?  I have seen some difficulties keeping Job supply/demand in sync, but generally not when it is Lot-for-Lot.

    Do you have any customizations or third party Extensions as part of your system?

    Just as FYI:
    Dampner Period controls the time period in which the system will ignore scheduling changes (generally within a few days) moving OUT in time.  Example: the demand shifts from the 15th to the 18th, and the Dampner Period is 5D, the system will leave the PO alone.  A Blank = 1D

    Rescheduling Period controls the length in time the system will suggest a reschedule when the demand moves OUT in time.  Example: the demand shifts from 4/15 to 5/15, and the Rescheduling Period is 2M, the system will suggest a reschedule.  OR If the Rescheduling Period was 14D, the system would suggest you cancel and create a new PO.  A blank = 1D

    Ben Baxter
    Accent Software, Inc.
    Carmel, IN

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