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  • 1.  ChargeLogic - Avalara Cohesion

    Posted May 05, 2017 04:30 PM
    Does anybody here have both ChargeLogic and Avalara on NAV 2013R2?  We are having a bear of a time getting these two pieces of software to work together and dealing with either vendor is also a huge bear.

    We updated both Avalara and ChargeLogic to their latest hotfix and the big issue is ChargeLogic not seeing the full amount to authorize (it's not including the tax).  We've been working with ChargeLogic for almost and a year on this and they can't seem to get it right.

    Tim Kruse


  • 2.  RE: ChargeLogic - Avalara Cohesion

    Posted May 08, 2017 08:40 AM
    We have NAV 2016 with Avalara and ChargeLogic and are in a similar boat.

    More than likely you need to be concentrating on the Avalara side for a fix not ChargeLogic.  Our issues are all with Avalara not ChargeLogic.

    Feel free to message me and we can talk offline about this.

    Jason Wilder
    Senior Application Developer
    Stonewall Kitchen
    York ME

  • 3.  RE: ChargeLogic - Avalara Cohesion

    Posted May 08, 2017 09:12 AM

    Hi Tim,
    We use all three; while our partner mostly drove it, from prior emails it appears it was a CharegLogic code in the objects that needed to be changed - it appears it took our partner about 30 mins to correct it.
    However, that was one problem of a few we had setting up Avalara. Are you able to ping out for tax? If not, it may be an issue with using Taxability Code Mapping utility - we put originally put our mapping there and found out the hard way that didn't work out well. Instead we had to assign taxability on the item level.  Those may or may not be related, for us it was a combo issue.
    So while that may have not been the best answer, I promise there is light at the end of the tunnel. The three do work together. :)

    Andrea Riviezzo
    Louisville CO

  • 4.  RE: ChargeLogic - Avalara Cohesion

    Posted May 09, 2017 04:17 PM

    Dear Tim,

    I'm sorry to hear that you are confronting challenges with ChargeLogic and Avalara. Bringing two ISV solutions together can be a challenge, and that's where your NAV partner can be really helpful.

    For troubleshooting issues with ChargeLogic software, our partners will often try to recreate the issue in a Cronus database to determine if there is a bug or other problem with our software. If there is, we fix it.

    Last year, we identified that partners were having a particularly difficult time getting Avalara and ChargeLogic Payments to work together with success. Last fall, we worked with Avalara to create an easier way for our solutions to work together, and our latest hotfix does address the issue. If the latest ChargeLogic Payments hotfix has been installed, your partner can assist you with what action you would need to take on the Avalara side. 

    To provide some insight as to how it works, Avalara calculates tax outside the native NAV tax engine. ISV solutions like ChargeLogic Payments aren't aware that the native NAV tax engine shouldn't be used when Avalara is in place. The solution that we worked on with Avalara now asks Avalara's software for the correct tax amounts. If you are not getting the correct tax amounts, then the issue is likely occurring with the Avalara software. Your partner should be able to assist you in making that determination. If your partner finds issues with ChargeLogic Payments software, we will make whatever fix is necessary.



    Karen Tran
    Baltimore, MD 21209

  • 5.  RE: ChargeLogic - Avalara Cohesion

    Posted Jun 02, 2017 01:05 AM
    hello All,

    We have recently released a generic codeunits inside Avalara HotFix for ChargeLogic integration.
    In this HotFix, Avalara provided generic code units which will consumed in new ChargeLogic builds. Same build is tested by ChargeLogic team and they are going to roll out in upcoming release.
    These generic code units will be part of Avalara objects in upcoming build. if any customer is already using Avalara build, then this will be ship as a HotFix for them. AvaTax extended codeunits to help Third-party integrations

    Sachin Chavan, Avalara
    Email Id : [email protected]

  • 6.  RE: ChargeLogic - Avalara Cohesion

    Posted Nov 23, 2021 11:20 AM
    We need to collaborate. We have both and have not yet implemented Chargelogix, although installed.

    Michael Barnes
    IT Manager, Enterprise Systems
    Kenco Group, Inc
    Chattanooga TN

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