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    Posted Dec 02, 2019 02:32 PM
    My accounting department is eager to use the Incoming Document Files fact box on the Journal pages to add pertinent information to the journal records.  When they try, however, it does not work.  The fact box is there - and when they click on the "Attach File" option an "Insert File" page pops up that allows them to navigate their file structure and select a file to upload.  Then...nothing.   It does not upload the file - no error messages occur - nothing happens.   If I try to do the same thing with my SuperUser permissions it works as expected - so I'm assuming it's a permissions issue.   I can't find anything which would allow me to figure out what permissions they are lacking...

    I gave their security group access to the objects that appear to be related to this function (Table 137 - Inc. Doc. Attachment Overview, TableData 137 - Inc. Doc. Attachment Overview, Codeunit 1333 - Inc. Doc. Activities Mgt, Query 133- Inc. Doc. Atts. Ready for OCR) without any effect.  Anyone know how to make this work?

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