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  • 1.  Transfer Orders - Managing Inventory Movement

    Posted Oct 01, 2021 10:45 AM
    We are currently managing inventory movement from Sales Orders Via Transfer Orders as the inventory may be for consignment or need a production process applied before actual posting of the Sales Orders.

    Wondering if anyone has any recommendations or best practices on how to manage Transfer Orders (without heavy customization to setup like a Sales Order) and/or suggestions of other ways to move & manage inventory (related to unique SO) not using TO's.

    • Key Challenges:
      • Inventory management
        • Visibility of availability in a given location (Available to promise)
        • Accuracy of on hand 
        • Item movement by TO (Other than item transaction report)
      • Open/Released TO management
      • TO Backorders
      • No TO Archive history

    James Hedges
    Simms Fishing Products
    Bozeman MT

  • 2.  RE: Transfer Orders - Managing Inventory Movement

    Posted Oct 05, 2021 05:24 PM

    You are receiving consigned material related to a Customers Sales Order. I have several customers who receive consigned inventory and I have trained them to as follows:

    1. Create Consigned Fixed Bins in the Location. This will allow the Items to be consumed during any production or assembly process
    2. Bring the Inventory into the Location and Bin using a PO with zero cost or enter an Item Journal at zero cost

    You will have Visibility to the Customer Bin or you can create a Location (done this one before). If you want to talk about this via Teams message me back.


    Steven Chinsky
    Mansfield MA
    NAVUG/BC Programming Committee Member
    NAVUG All-Star, Granite Award Recipient, MCP, DCMP

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