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3PL solutions for NAV

  • 1.  3PL solutions for NAV

    Posted Dec 14, 2017 11:13 AM

    One of our sister companies is undergoing some changes, and we may end up having to change the warehouse system they've been using, and so we were wondering if there are any pre-built solutions or add-ons for Dynamics Nav to to support, track, and bill transactions within a 3PL model?

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


    Pedro Recalde
    Collins Brothers Corporation
    Forest Park GA

  • 2.  RE: 3PL solutions for NAV

    Posted Dec 15, 2017 07:05 AM
    I think Accellos may have.

    Ron Ketterling
    Business Automation Specialists of MN, Inc.
    Minneapolis MN

  • 3.  RE: 3PL solutions for NAV

    Posted Dec 15, 2017 09:28 AM
    Good Morning,

    The Accellos WMS Solution is now under a new name from a merge with HighJump.  They (HighJump) offer several different supply chain management systems, such as HighJump Warehouse Edge (formerly AccellosOne) for NAV .  Depending upon what you are looking for, the HighJump Warehouse Edge system may have the functionality in 3PL you required; however, hey have additional solutions just for 3PL as well.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to me, or HighJump.


    Greg Miles
    Marketing Manager
    iCepts Technology Group, Inc.
    Middletown PA

  • 4.  RE: 3PL solutions for NAV

    Posted Dec 15, 2017 09:33 AM

    One of our partner companies, Camelot, has a 3PL solution i believe.  ​

    Tyler Doerner
    VP of Sales

  • 5.  RE: 3PL solutions for NAV

    Posted Feb 25, 2019 01:00 PM
    Hi, We are working with a 3PL that uses Camelot, but our two systems are not integrated.  The EDI solution between the two systems seems adequate, but we are looking for something more robust - managing inventory levels, assembly BOMs (with sub assemblies) in NAV to KITs in Camelot.  I haven't been able to find very much information about the integration possibilities between the two systems even though Camelot is supposedly some version of NAV.  Wondering if anyone has any additional input to this topic or suggestions as to where I might get more information.

    Karen Kaiser
    Popsockets LLC
    Boulder CO

  • 6.  RE: 3PL solutions for NAV

    Posted Feb 26, 2019 03:45 PM
    I don't know much about the Camelot Software however, if it based on NAV or the Microsoft stack, perhaps having your partner develop certain integrations between your 2 systems utilizing "web services" would seem to be a logical choice and definitely faster and less expensive than EDI.

    Ari Smith
    President & CEO
    Next Generation Logistics
    Inverness IL
    United States
    847-963-0007 x112

  • 7.  RE: 3PL solutions for NAV

    Posted Feb 27, 2019 12:37 PM
    Thanks Ari,

    Our Partner doesn't know enough about Camelot for us to be real comfortable going in that direction, so we are looking for other partners who are familiar with both NAV and Camelot.  Also the topic of a direct integration instead of EDI is being explored.  We'll likely continue to use EDI for certain functions, but could certainly reduce if we had a direct integration.

    Karen Kaiser
    Popsockets LLC
    Boulder CO

  • 8.  RE: 3PL solutions for NAV

    Posted Feb 28, 2019 10:43 AM
    ​​Hi Karen,

    Being that Camelot is Built within NAV, this is a Nav to Nav integration.  I like Ari's sugguestion using Web Services.

    As far as who to consult with, I would see if you can contact Camelot Directly.  Since there system is built on NAV they may have an integration solution or know who would be best to help you with this.

    Thanks -- Joe

    Joe Draeger
    Ortho Molecular Products, Inc
    Woodstock IL

  • 9.  RE: 3PL solutions for NAV

    Posted Mar 01, 2019 10:20 AM
    I have worked with Camelot on multiple projects. I work for a partner. Please contact me If I can be of assistance.

    Mary Bricco
    Dynamics 365 Business Central/NAV Consultant
    Boyer & Associates
    New London WI

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