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User Personalization - Attached to Role Center??

  • 1.  User Personalization - Attached to Role Center??

    Posted Apr 02, 2019 03:58 PM
    Hi everyone,

    In NAV 2018 CU11 I've been digging into the relationships between configurations, personalizations, profiles, and role centers.  It seems my testing is telling me there's a relationship between role centers and personalizations, but I can't quite prove it in the data.  For example, if I make a page personalization while assigned to profile MANAGER1 with role center ROLECENTER1, then change to profile MANAGER2 also with role center ROLECENTER1, the personalization remains.  However, if I then change the role center to ROLECENTER2, I lose the personalization.  If I then redo the personalization, it creates a second row in User Metadata with a slightly different Personalization ID.  Here's an example of what the Personalization ID's might look like for the same Page ID, but different role centers:


    And here's a personalization to another Page ID while in the same role center as number 2:

    It looks to me like there may be a portion of the Personalization ID that refers to the Page, one that refers to the user, and one that refers to the role center (maybe?) but I can't find anything in the data that's a concrete link.  Here's what Microsoft's documentation says:

    Changes that you make will take effect on all your Role Centers. For example, if you make a change to the Customer list when the Role Center is set to Business Manager, you will also see the change in the Customer list when Role Center is set to Sales Order Processor.

    I'm just not seeing this behavior though.  Clearly personalizations do not take effect on all role centers, but they do on all profiles that share a role center (if this were to happen in the real world).  Does anyone have any ideas?


    David Brobst
    Dublin OH

  • 2.  RE: User Personalization - Attached to Role Center??

    Posted Apr 02, 2019 04:08 PM
    Edited by Government Acquisitions, Inc. Apr 02, 2019 04:09 PM
    Good afternoon,

    A couple context questions -

    Are you attempting to personalize your own view, the view of a group of users, or the view of everyone company-wide?
    Are you using Configuration Mode to capture these personalizations?
    Do you have a 1:1 relationship of Profiles : Role Centers?

    The relationships are a bit more convoluted than I would like, but perhaps I can explain if I can identify your specific pain point and desired end-goal.


    Charlie Staich
    Data Analyst
    Government Acquisitions, Inc.

  • 3.  RE: User Personalization - Attached to Role Center??

    Posted Apr 02, 2019 04:24 PM
    Hi Charlie,

    All good questions.  Here are some answers:

    1.  I'm personalizing my own view (specifically, adding columns to a list page).
    2.  I'm not using configuration mode.
    3.  I don't have a 1:1 relationship of Profiles : Role Centers for testing purposes, but in the real world I probably would.
    Convoluted is a great description.  Again, Microsoft seems to say that personalizations of this type follow the user from role center to role center, but that's clearly not happening.  I would love to find a concrete provable relationship between the Relationship ID and the role center, but I haven't found one yet.  Maybe it doesn't exist, but there sure seems to be a correlation between personalizations and role centers.

    Just to be clear, I'm not really trying to solve a business problem here, I'm just a bit obsessed with the inner workings of this, and if a client ever asked how personalizations work, I'd like to explain it with confidence.


    David Brobst
    Dublin OH

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