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Item Variants

  • 1.  Item Variants

    Posted Apr 30, 2021 07:50 AM
    We are exploring the use of item variants in an established NAV install.  We have established sku's and know minimal about variants.  What we are trying to accomplish: For example, we have a book with a bent corner.  Without issuing out and issuing in as a different sku, can we use variants within the same sku (ie variant = New and variant = damaged) to see in a FIFO item which specific item is which?  also, how does this effect POS selling? (Chargelogic retail specifically).  Any help with any of these questions, or suggestions on how you handle it would be great!

    April Humphrey
    West Music
    Coralville IA

  • 2.  RE: Item Variants

    Posted May 03, 2021 08:27 AM
    Variants, as you plan to use them, sound like a good fit. They will allow you to see the total quantity for all of the variants of an item. That is, the Quantity on Hand will display the sum of the NEW and DAMAGE variants. The details are stored in the Item Ledger Entries. You will need an inventory transaction to move the from NEW to DAMAGE (not sure what your issuing our and in is). When you complete a transaction you will need to identify the item number and the variant.

    If you setup your Inventory Setup Cost Calculation Type you can select Item, Location and Variant if you want different costing at the variant level.

    Andrew Good
    Liberty Grove Software
    Oakbrook Terrace IL

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