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Easy Security & Jet reports

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    Posted 30 days ago
    We implemented Easy Security a few months ago for our multiple companies, starting with just a few permission sets pulled out of our basic role. (We use Finance only)

    Everything was going as expected until we started running audit reports a few weeks ago. We have a few Jet reports for audit that use the NL(Sheets) function to run a separate sheet for multiple companies, and the user got an error that we needed read-only access to the Company table. (Apparently that wasn't part of the "basic".) After revising the permission set so that everyone has read-only access to the Company table again, the error message went away, but the report only ran for one sheet and then stopped.

    Has anyone had experience with Easy Security and Jet functions? It appears we need to add or modify some additional permissions, but we're not sure what else is required for the NL(Sheets) function to work. Only Jet reports using that function appear to be affected. For now, we are hard-coding the reports with individual sheets for each company as a workaround.


    Tara Langley
    Accounting Manager
    Culver Franchising System, LLC.
    Prairie du Sac WI

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