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Invoicing a Subcontract Purchase Order

  • 1.  Invoicing a Subcontract Purchase Order

    Posted 21 days ago

    I am hoping someone can help with this.

    Nav Version: 2013

    We have a subcontract purchase that's linked to a production order, unfortunately someone finished the production order without completing the subcontract purchase order. The item that needs to be invoiced has been fully received, but now we are unable to invoice the purchase order. When we do, we get the following error message. This screenshot was from me trying to debug the error.

    I have tried to invoice the purchase order using a purchase invoice, and I am also getting the same error.

    I am not sure what other quantities need to be updated before I am able to invoice this subcontract purchase order.
    • Quantity - Filled in
    • Quantity to Invoice - Filled in
    • Quantity received - Filled in from the posted purchase receipt.
      You cannot post these lines

    Adenike Salisu
    IT Application Specialist II
    Forum Energy Technologies
    Houston TX

  • 2.  RE: Invoicing a Subcontract Purchase Order

    Posted 16 days ago
    It appears that there be another issue apart from the production order.  As long as the PO was received prior to the finishing of the production order, NAV will allow the production order to be finished and then the purchase order invoiced after that.  There are may something else going on with the PO lines.  Can you provide a screenshot?

    David Wiser
    Project Manager
    Seattle WA

  • 3.  RE: Invoicing a Subcontract Purchase Order

    Posted 15 days ago
    I was able to figure this out, the operation number was missing from the subcontract purchase line, it wasn't as simple as typing it in, because the actual production order was finished. I had to use the rapid start to upload the data without any validation.

    Adenike Salisu
    IT Applications Specialist II
    Forum Energy Technologies
    Houston TX

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