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Error when running Import-DeltasToNavContainer

  • 1.  Error when running Import-DeltasToNavContainer

    Posted Sep 18, 2020 03:28 PM
    Edited by Eric Parrott Sep 18, 2020 03:30 PM
    Hi All,
    I am trying to setup a docker environment for our NAV 2017 Development using the CSIDE IDE.
    I was able to successfully spin up a container using the correct standard NAV 2017 image, however when I attempt to import our NAV customizations to the container using the Import-DeltasToNavContainer powershell command, the process fails during the import stage on certain objects. It first failed on the VAT Entry table object with the following error "You do not have permission to insert into the VAT Entry table", so I removed the table from the delta files and ran it again. The second time it failed to import the Salesperson/Purchaser table with error "your program license does not allow you to create the X field in the Salesperson/Purchaser table".  We have the Application-Developer license granule.  Does anyone know if we need to have the Solution-Developer granule in order to run the Import-DeltasToNavContainer command in order to run the process successfully?
    What I thought was interesting is that I can modify both those objects inside of our developer environment, but when I attempt to run the Delta process, it errors out. I've checked and confirmed that the correct license is applied to the container I am attempting to pull the deltas into.
    Thanks for any suggestions!

    Eric Parrott
    Red River
    Claremont NH

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