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Restricted BC On-Prem Report Ranges

  • 1.  Restricted BC On-Prem Report Ranges

    Posted Jul 22, 2020 01:43 PM
    Hello NAVUG!  Welcome back.

    I have a question that has arisen while working with a client who has upgraded to BC 13 from NAV 2016.

    The client's reports in NAV 2016 were in a range between 50000-55000 grouped based on the developer who worked on them.  They had a few reports in the 55001..55009 range, and most of the rest in 50000..50089

    So - they had 100 reports, but to "allocate" reports to a developer they used a higher range.

    Now when they moved to BC13 some of these reports won't run.  They were converted to extensions.  So we thought "oh - we just need to adjust your license key" and lo and behold ... the license key does not allow changing the reports.  I initiated a support incident, and Microsoft tells me the standard 100 reports that come with BC are RESTRICTED to 50000..50099

    We can renumber the reports into the restricted range, but this seems to totally contradict the way that NAV always did things and takes away a feature that was always there.

    Does anyone know if there is a work around other than renumbering the reports, or if there is any other way to deal with this?


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