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Upgrading to BC and your web presence

  • 1.  Upgrading to BC and your web presence

    Posted Nov 03, 2021 11:56 AM
    We are starting to assess our migration path to BC.  One of the initial concerns is our website.  We have been using our current website for 3 years and we need to upgrade/migrate to new solution.   The question becomes should we upgrade/migrate before moving to BC or move to BC then upgrade web presence.  I guess another option would be to do it at the same time but that seems a bit overwhelming.

    I'd like to know of some real life experiences of those that have migrated to BC and how they handle bringing over their websites.  Note...our website is tightly integrated with NAV

    We are on NAV2016.


    Bill Blomker
    IT Director
    Crest Healthcare Supply
    Dassel, Minnesota

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