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The connection to the server was suspended - NAV 2018

  • 1.  The connection to the server was suspended - NAV 2018

    Posted Apr 09, 2019 11:22 AM
    We have just recently upgraded from NAV 2013R2 to #NAV2018.  We are using the Web Client.  We have had some sporadic issues when drilling into Items to look at Leger Entries or drilling into Qty. on Sales Order and a couple of other places where we'll get a message that will pop up almost immediately that displays, "The connection to the server was suspended."  When we click on the Resume button, which is the only option, the webpage will refresh, but will be blank and we'll get the exact same error message, "The connection to the server was suspended."  This time, upon clicking resume, we receive the following message, "An error has occurred."  The only option we have is a Sign out button.  When we click that button, we get a box that pops up and displays, "You are now signed out.  Thank you for using Microsoft Dynamics NAV.  Sign in again."  When we click sing in again, we get signed in and can go to the exact same item and drill in to the exact same field and it works exactly like it should every time.  It allows us to drill in and get the information we need.

    We've brought this up with our partner and they don't have any suggestions so I thought I would bring it to the experts in this community.​  We are able to replicate this problem for multiple people at multiple sites on multiple machines at multiple times throughout the day and week.  The one thing that is really mind-blowing and is making this so incredibly difficult to troubleshoot, is that there is no rhyme or reason to it.  I can do this on 60 items and not have an issue, but that 61st one I go to, this issue occurs or I can do this on 3 items and have the issue 2 out of 3 times.  Each time though, I can go back to that exact item and perform the same step and it will work perfectly.  If it was a DB or Application Server performance issue, I would expect this to happen every time and for it to happen on Items, Vendors, Customers, etc, but it happens only on Item and only when getting more detailed information about the item.

    One other note about this that I believe to be related - On the iOS app on both iPhones and iPads, we typically get this same error when we try to open up the Item list.  On the web client, sometimes it is a little slow opening the Items list, but I haven't seen or heard of it not loading on the web.

    Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

    Brad Everts
    IT Supervisor
    Garner Foods
    Winston-Salem NC
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  • 2.  RE: The connection to the server was suspended - NAV 2018

    Posted Apr 10, 2019 08:16 AM
    We are having the exact same issue when an international user of ours is accessing NAV 2018 from Remote Apps.  He tries to access the item list and is presented with that error.  However the rest of our 200+ users haven't had a consistent problem like this, but we are only 2 weeks on NAV 2018 so it may be too early to tell.  We upgraded from NAV 2013.

    Anthony Darden
    Director of IT
    Protective Industries, Inc.
    Buffalo NY
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