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Get Receipts/ AP Qty To Invoice

  • 1.  Get Receipts/ AP Qty To Invoice

    Posted Mar 06, 2019 02:11 PM
    I've never used Get Receipts before, and only closed a PO the good old fashion way.

    When a Purchase Invoice (PI) is created pulling in Get Receipts how do you change the Qty to be invoiced?  Ex: Get Receipts has 1,000 rcv'd but the invoice is only for 500.

    The field in the PI once it's been pulled in is greying out and won't let us edit it, and unlike a PO there's no "Qty to Invoice" field.  So basically in the ex: all 1,000 pulls in and won't let me change anything from there.


  • 2.  RE: Get Receipts/ AP Qty To Invoice

    Posted Mar 06, 2019 02:31 PM

    I wonder if you have a customization that is limiting this for you.

    I was able to use Get Receipts then change the Quantity on the Purchase Invoice Line.
    get receipts
    Purch line
    change qty

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  • 3.  RE: Get Receipts/ AP Qty To Invoice

    Posted Mar 06, 2019 02:51 PM
    Thanks Cynthia! Strange it's not letting us - but did just find it may be we need to clear out that qty from Item Tracking Lines in order to push it through.


    Andrea Riviezzo
    Charlotte's Web, Inc.
    Louisville CO


  • 4.  RE: Get Receipts/ AP Qty To Invoice

    Posted Mar 07, 2019 10:19 AM
    @Andrea Riviezzo

    You hit the nail on the head. When you are invoicing for Lot or Serial tracked items, updating the item tracking lines will get you what you need. If your items are not tracked, you should be able to update the quantity directly on the line.

    Amanda Mayer
    New View Strategies
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  • 5.  RE: Get Receipts/ AP Qty To Invoice

    Posted Mar 07, 2019 01:41 PM
    We do not post into accounts payable from the purchase order.

    We have a separate view to create the purchase receipt and  use the get receipt lines function, but we had our VAR restrict that visibility to one purchase order. The industry we operate in does not have multiple Purchase Orders being billed on one invoice.

    The President of the Var we use, indicated a best practice for NAV would be to create one Purchase receipt per packing list.

    That would corelate to One Supplier Invoice relates to one Purchase Receipt in Navision.

    On occasion,  we have found our receiving department received 5 packing lists all delivered on the same day related
    to the same purchase order.  They did create one Purchase Receipt related to all 5 packing lists.

    We are able to adjust the invoice quantity of a line item entry to an amount less than the total Purchase receipt quantity.

    We had a 20 piece receipt, and posted 4 invoices, one with 4,5,3 and 8 units which closed Purchase receipt in total.

    When you enter a partial quantity Navision tries to revalue a Line discount, but you have to over ride it.

    That is why our VAR indicated Create One Purchase receipt to one Supplier Invoice

    Entering Supplier Invoices in Navision


    Stamp the invoice with the Information impression


    Due Date


    Keep the invoices to be entered in an alphabetic sorter, group your invoices so the supplier's most recently dated invoice is on the bottom of that supplier group.


    Highlight the Freight amount, Invoice Total, and discount terms. Enter discounts (You must balance to the invoice total before posting in Navision, Navision provides no edit function if you post incorrectly)


    You will need 2 Navision Sessions Open and will use the

    Purchase Quantity Received Not Invoiced report from Navision "Voucher Report"


    Sort By Vendor------------------- by PO Number ------------------By Purchase Receipt PRET#


    Before Invoice Entry Make sure the invoice line items appear as entered on the Voucher Report


    If received:




     Proceed as follows:

    1.       First Navision Session Select Purchase Invoice New

    A selection dialog box will open, fill in the PO-#######




    2.       Fill in the General Tab Information




    Make sure the systems defaults to a Purchase Vendor "-P" and Remit Vendor "-R"


    If you do not have both codes, review the "-P" Vendor Card make sure it points to the Remit Vendor Code with a correct address. If it does not, you will have to enter the Invoice as a Zero Dollar "B" suffix invoice to clear the voucher. Post a credit to inventory clearing GL# 14130. Enter the real payment to the correct - R Vendor. Debit the amount to inventory clearing GL# 14130.


         Note Navision requires the Purchase Vendor and Remit Vendor relationship be linked before issuing and receiving product. If that is not in place Navision only posts a payable to the Purchase

    Vendor code. (That is why a Zero Dollar Invoice entry is required to clear the voucher)


    Enter the PO number in the Your Reference field

    Append the PO Number after the Posting Description "Invoice P-INV -30327"

    The Document Date is the Vendor Invoice Date

    The Posting Date is Today's Date and is automatically populated by Navision

    Navision will calculate the Due Date, if it does not appear or appears to be incorrect select the correct due date.


    Check the Terms in the Remit vendor card, let the supervisor know so she can adjust the

    -R Vendor Card to calculate due dates properly in the future.


    Adjust the Navision due date to the allow check generation, it should be the Friday before the invoice will fall due, with reasonable mail time provided. If the invoice is due on a Monday, make the due date the second Friday before.


    Line Item Entry


    Go to the Function Tab, use the Icon Get Receipt lines

    Highlight the line items you want to import

    and enter


    The Voucher Report provides line item extensions to proof against, if you find problems with the line amount displayed in Invoice Entry function  i.e. the amount does not agree look at the Purchase Order, use the PO inquiry session to check for a Bad List Price, Line Discount, or possibly a Rebated Purchase Discount. 


    Also note, entry of a quantity less than the receipt line quantity will cause the line discount to be revalued and create the false display of an invoice line unit cost variance.  Entry of an invoice validated against the voucher report virtually eliminates that problem.


    Call the Supplier if the PO shows a Special Pricing Contract Number was provided and the Supplier did not honor it. Check with purchasing to confirm other pricing discrepancies. See Ed XXXXXX for price discrepancies on stock orders. See Glenn XXXXX for price discrepancies on Drop Ships. Make sure Ed and Glenn Indicate what issue caused the price difference such as an invalid List Price or an Incorrect Discount. (Keep your problem invoices in an alphabetic sorter for quick reference)


    If your entry shows line extensions rounded up or down within a 50-cent tolerance post that difference to GL# 54102  Cost of Goods Sold Splr Blng Adjsmnts & Rndgs


    Select the General Ledger Number 53450 Delivery Expenses Inbound to enter the freight amount

    for a stock delivery to Bensenville or Butler.


    Select the General Ledger Number 61350 Delivery Expenses Outbound to enter the freight amount

    for a drop shipped order.



    Before you post, balance the Invoice to your line recap screen.


    If you do not balance


    Check the invoice for extraneous charges:

     Minimum Order Charges

     Broken Box Charges (Purchased Less than Std Box Quantity)

     Expedited Fabrication Scheduling Charges

    Is a Metal Surcharge being added for Import Tariffs or Inflation?


    Check the Navision purchase order to determine if those amounts were rolled up into the line item costs of another line.     


    If your invoice is more than 10 days old and no receipt lines appear, see if it was a duplicate

    and already was entered. You can go to the -R Vendor Card and check the open Balance $$ detail, or

    you can go straight to vendor ledger entries and see if the invoice was previously paid. You can search

    by the external document number.


    Michael Heatherly
    Lesman Instrument Company


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