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automatic (electronic) order processing

  • 1.  automatic (electronic) order processing

    Posted Jan 09, 2019 12:45 PM

    I am new to the community - hoping to draw from experience and lend support where I can.

    Background - we are a large food manufacturer out of Toronto, Ontario. My role is Business Process Analyst, and I work closely with production to automate systems and increase reporting accuracy.

    Up until now, we have used a paper chit system to process all custom orders. In other words, a salesperson will release an order which will print in our factory. The worker in the raw material warehouse receives the "chit" and chooses the raw material (or a suitable alternative). He consumes the raw material, and delivers it with the paper "chit" to the factory. He uses markers to indicate the RM code and to identify the Production Order. In the factory, the team processes the order, and uses the manual instructions to perform the output so that the product can be shipped (usually same-day).

    We are hoping to move to an automated electronic "chit" system. An order appears on a screen, and tells the worker which RM to consume and how much. He "bumps" the order to the next station after assigning the RM and Production Order. It automatically adds the item number to the appropriate Production Order and validates that the correct RM was consumed. If a substitution has been selected, it alerts office staff and indicates costing differences. The order is electronically bumped along and its progress can be tracked by office staff. Cost accounting and scanning accuracy improves, substitutions are subject to approval etc.

    Does anyone know a system that we can implement alongside existing systems (Navision 2017, LinkFresh) to make this happen, or does the feature perhaps already exist?

    Thank-you all in advance; I am looking forward to returning the favour in the future.

    Michael Kery
    NAVUG Summit - Post

  • 2.  RE: automatic (electronic) order processing

    Posted Jan 10, 2019 08:42 AM

    Welcome to the NAVUG forum!

    I'll make a few suggestions:
    1. Since the paper-based chits are on paper today, which I assume is a way to identify them as custom, I would recommend you set-up a custom number series for these custom orders.  This allows you to electronically separate them from the standard Production Orders.
    2. The worker processing the custom orders would assign the Raw Material Item(s) to the Production Order's BOM ("Components") and optionally could process the consumption at that time.
      1. In regards to the "markers" for the Raw Materials, this could be either Item Tracking Information (Lot/Serial No.) or the Item No. itself.
      2. Obviously because he is already in NAV, he has already linked and processed everything to the Production Order.
    3. For the instructions, you can have your Operation or Production Order comments printed on the Traveler ("Job Card") report for Production.
      1. Alternatively you could use a Time Collection/MES system to keep the information paperless and display the instructions on screen.
    There is a potential need for some customization regarding the notification of office staff that a substitution was identified/used.  You could manually send these notifications through NAV or create a function, automated w/ Job Queue, that looks for a substitution flag or costing difference to notify the office.  You want to be careful on the costing difference notifications as small changes could cause a notification nightmare.

    I hope this helps.  I would strongly suggest you reach out to your partner to discuss this process so they can help with this project.

    Best Regards,

    Ben Baxter
    Accent Software, Inc.
    Carmel IN

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  • 3.  RE: automatic (electronic) order processing

    Posted Jan 10, 2019 09:10 AM
    Take a look at Shop Floor Insight by Insight Works

    Ryan Ketterling
    Business Automation Specialists of MN, Inc.
    Minneapolis MN

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