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RMA processing and Quarantine locations

  • 1.  RMA processing and Quarantine locations

    Posted Mar 12, 2019 04:35 PM
    Edited by Matt McDowell Mar 12, 2019 04:37 PM
    I am working on re-designing our RMA process.  Essentially we are thinking to have a another virtual location that is quarantine and things will be moved in there as they are deemed no good to go back to stock. As part of the process we had hoped to accommodate a new monthly process where the purchaser would work through all parts in the location and create appropriate purchase order returns to receive credits from our vendors.

    The problem I am facing is that this process doesn't play nice with exact cost reversing.  If all of our bad inventory is sitting in for example RMA 2 (so that's the location I am creating the return order for) I cannot fill the lines of the return order and then manually apply item entries. This is because the purchase receipts were posted into location A.

    The only thing I can think of is when this task is being completed, to quickly transfer the material from RMA2 to location A - then create the return order.  But this is messy as it would have to be done on off hours before the inventory is promised to anyone else or wrongly considered.

    Has anyone else worked through this?


    Matt McDowell
    Supply Chain Analyst
    Valley Blades Limited
    Waterloo ON

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