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Odata OrderBy error

  • 1.  Odata OrderBy error

    Posted 13 days ago

    Hi, I'm having problem with using web service created from query. Getting 'Client requests for Query objects using OrderBy are not supported by OData web services' error.

    I do not specify 'OrderBy' property for my query, have no idea where it's coming from. Anyone had same problem? We using NAV 2018 version.


    Yelena Yakovlev
    NewAge Industries, Inc.
    Southampton PA

  • 2.  RE: Odata OrderBy error

    Posted 12 days ago
    This may or may not help you.

    What I found recently is that if you specify flow fields in your query, or likely if you use sums etc.. the Query tries to build a SQL statement "behind the scenes" and in some cases you can create a Query that the SQL statement ends up being malformed.

    What I did to figure out that including 2 of the same flow field was a no-no was I commented out all the columns and started adding them back in 1 at a time until the query broke.

    I'd do that if you can.  You're in NAV 2018 so hopefully this is in AL because commenting out and uncommenting columns is super easy.  In C/AL you'll need to delete them and add them back in. Probably copy to excel and copy back?  Or copy the whole query and delete one column at a time until it works?

    Robert Jolliffe B.A.Sc, MCSE, MCS - NAV Manufacturing Expert
    Sabre Limited

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