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Print out from Item Journal Entry - Cost Question

  • 1.  Print out from Item Journal Entry - Cost Question

    Posted 16 days ago

    Good day.
    Question for the community regarding the print outs that are available when posting item journal entries.
    We use average costing.
    Item X is in the system showing a unit cost of $5.70044

    1. User posts a negative item journal - Cost shows up as ​$5.70044.  The print out for the transaction shows $5.70088
    2. User posts a positive item journal and ensures the unit cost is entered at $5.70044.  The print out however shows $5.70

    User does not have access to chart of accounts.  I can look it up and see that the postings are accurate at $5.70044 and do total out to the same.  Item unit cost stays the same at $5.70044 on the Item list.

    What is happening with the print out? Why do the costs not show up as actual?

    Insight appreciated!

    Ruth Entwistle
    Customs Broker/Vendor Relations
    Heron Point Seafood
    Newmarket NH

  • 2.  RE: Print out from Item Journal Entry - Cost Question

    Posted 13 days ago
    Not much of an average costing guru BUT based on you symptoms I would suspect it is likely a rounding issue with the code used to generate the printout. The data appears correct @ 5.470044 and consistent which leads one to be suspect of the code on the report or screen that shows up the 5.70088 and 5.70.

    Michael Carr
    VP , Finance
    Philadelphia Scientific LLC

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