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Integration with Microsoft RMS

  • 1.  Integration with Microsoft RMS

    Posted 21 days ago
    Has anyone integrated BC (or NAV for that matter!) with Microsoft RMS?  Yes, I know it's at end of life but the customer loves it....  Looking for some tips or existing integrations.

    Sara Silver
    Silverware, Inc.
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  • 2.  RE: Integration with Microsoft RMS

    Posted 21 days ago

    Hello Sara,
    I have done an integration with MS-RMS --- and a couple of "re-implementation" of that integration.

    Originally the integration leveraged and existing E-Comm order import. This was back in the NAV v3 days. It was a very funky .vb app that generated an EDI file and used Lantum EDI order import. This -- IMHO is NOT recommended, it was a world of hurt.   I then converted to use WebServices and built a simple, clean c#  middleware app that took the EOD sales detail report from the POS, dropped all the invoice details into a temp table*, and created 2 sales orders in NAV for each day  (Credit Card and Other) -- the accounting team preferred to have all Credit Card transactions on a single SO/Invoice per day.   If there were any returns on a given day we would also create 1 or 2 CM (Credit Memos).   We also created barcodes for ITEM+Varriants in NAV and had a procedure for the export of product SKU's from NAV to import them to MS-RMS.

    The .txt report with an app to present as XML/web services were what I would call a "functional" integration that only required 1 manual step at EOD to write the report as a text file to a watched folder.  We made the writing of the .txt file part of EOD procedures of closing the store.

    *We ended up having to write reports using that invoice details temp table because some key metrics and transaction details in the POS system did not get preserved in SO's.  So the "Temp Table" ended up becoming a Sudo data warehouse.  If I was to set this up now, I think I recommend that the data landing in NAV/BC such that all reporting requirements could be met from BC/NAV directly.

    Bob Stahr
    BTC - Business Technology Consulting  |

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