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Pricing based on Order date and ship date (or coupon codes)

  • 1.  Pricing based on Order date and ship date (or coupon codes)

    Posted Dec 03, 2019 11:29 AM
    Hi All

    We are doing our CRP and ran into a pricing issue

    We use seasonal pricing, but some products ship in two consecutive season (e,g. spring and summer)

    Customers get discounts based on how far in advance of the season they order (e.g. 6 weeks before season the might get a 5% discount and 12 weeks before season, they might get a 10% discount)

    So I need to be able to order products for shipment in spring and summer. Lets say I order 5 weeks before spring: I should get 5% if it's for delivery in spring, but 10% of it's for delivery in summer.

    I've looked at campaigns and all was going well and then I got stuck on having to create interaction templates and it seemed it was a hammer to crack a nut and campaigns is out of scope for phase 1

    Any suggestions on how to solve this (or make it easier to work with campaigns



    Mark Anderson
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    Clesen Wholesale
    Evanston, IL
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