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Pre-Approved Invoices

  • 1.  Pre-Approved Invoices

    Posted 17 days ago
    Using Business Central, we have pre-approved invoices set up, bypassing an approver. When a Purchase invoice is created, in order to post the invoice it must stay within it's preapproved limits or an email is sent to the approver. The limits are set by Vendor, G/L code, Account No. and Invoice $ Limit.

    Does anyone have a similar setup and knows how to set up multiple Limits for the same vendor; differing account numbers (different locations or departments).

    Example: Comcast (Same Vendor), Internet expense (Same GL), but we have three service locations (three account numbers), Three approved $ limits
    - Location 1: $100
    - Location 2: $150
    - Location 3: $50

    We do not want to setup a limit of $150 to cover all three locations and we don't want to set up three vendors. Any suggestions?


    Jessica Pang
    Tri Star Metals LLC
    Aurora, IL

  • 2.  RE: Pre-Approved Invoices

    Posted 13 days ago

    I know you can add various conditions to an approval workflow but with your multiple location codes and amounts you might consider using Power Automate to accomplish this. I am not an expert here but you can read up on this and look to experts to advise. Here is a link I turn too:


    Steven Chinsky
    Mansfield MA
    NAVUG/BC Programming Committee Member
    NAVUG All-Star, Granite Award Recipient, MCP, DCMP

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