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Best Practice for Digital Item Setup

  • 1.  Best Practice for Digital Item Setup

    Posted Apr 03, 2019 01:52 PM
    Edited by Cortney Benson Apr 03, 2019 01:52 PM
    Hi all,
    I'm looking for some input on how companies setup their digital items and what seems to work best. We have a digital book that we offer, which has an unlimited quantity. Since it is digital, there is nothing that needs to be shipped to the customer either. In these situations, would an item, service item, or resource be the most appropriate? Also, since we are not shipping anything, does it make sense to enter this through a Sales Order or should it flow through a Sales Invoice?

    Ultimately, we're hoping to avoid unnecessary actions such as item replenishment since the quantity is infinite and shipping since there is nothing to ship.

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated!

    Thank you,

    Cortney Benson
    Staff Accountant
    Ortho Molecular Products, Inc
    Woodstock IL

    Version: 2013 R2, upgrading to 2018

  • 2.  RE: Best Practice for Digital Item Setup

    Posted Apr 03, 2019 02:28 PM
    Hello Cortney,

    I would think a Resource would be beneficial. This will allow you to enter it on an order without the need to adjust stock. Additionally, it isn't a bad idea to create a sales order so there's a record of the customer's order history. This would mean you'd still need to ship out the item.

    We have items that are "bulk" items. We don't inventory them or track our stock levels at all. They're commonly found in assembly orders, so we're able to print the assembly order then zero out the quantities. Unfortunately, they're occasionally added to sales orders and will go negative when shipped. We've done 2 things for this issue. We've add a few hundred to stock with no reorder requirements (to avoid MRP interference) and we've allowed it to get negative and put it under a vendor we don't run MRP for. This allows it to get as negative as it wants without popping up constantly. A few times a year, we will adjust the stock levels back to zero. I lean towards liking items just for the ability to see their transaction history.

    Hope this helps!

    Taylor Boardman
    Materials Coordinator
    Motan Inc
    Plainwell MI

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