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Sales Invoice numbering error

  • 1.  Sales Invoice numbering error

    Posted Jan 17, 2020 09:24 AM
    What triggers NAV 2017 (10.0) to populate the fields Posting No.(63) and Shipping No. (62) on the Sales Header (table 36)?

    Error Message
    When attempting to Ship & Invoice a specific Sales Order NAV gave an error message; "The Sales Invoice Header already exists. Identification fields and values: No.='PSI043388'"

    The invoice no. the message is referencing is the last posted sales invoice on this sales order and it looks like NAV is trying to "reuse" it because that number was entered in the field "Posting No.". I found that there are 2 fields (Posting No.(63) & Shipping No. (62)) on the Sales Header table that are not visible on the page(s) by default, but on this Sales Order these 2 fields were populated with the last invoice no. and last shipment no..

    Using Jet Reports I was able to verify that no other order in our system had any values in these fields.

    I had to bring these fields onto the page using the development environment so I could blank them out in order to ship & invoice this order. I'll go back and remove the fields to prevent unintended manual numbering.

    Mark Buckingham
    Signature Systems Group, LLC
    Flower Mound TX
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  • 2.  RE: Sales Invoice numbering error

    Posted Jan 17, 2020 09:37 AM

    These fields are populated by NAV as posting occurs. In my experience, if there is an error or other issue during posting that causes the post to fail after these have been assigned, these values remain (are not rolled back to blank.) Since the post did not complete, the Last No. Used is not updated in the No. Series Line table for posted invoice or posted shipment so the next invoice posted gets these same numbers and once posted successfully creates your situation.

    I have found this to occur in testing and/or due to a problem with a customization to the sales post process. I have not found unaltered NAV to typically create this case though others may disagree.

    Clearing out these values is the only solution that I have found to work.

    Hope this helps.

    Cynthia Priebe
    New View Strategies
    "The NAV & BC training and process experts"

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