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Time Sheets: Dimensions & billing

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    Posted Jan 04, 2019 09:45 AM
    Dear All,
    We are implementing Time Sheets. Here are the two limitations we are seeking to overcome:
    1) adding Dimensions to Time Sheets
    2) creating sales invoices based on Time Sheets or Resource Ledger Entries

    As for 1) we are thinking about using Work Type Code with the same name as Dimension Value and then manually (or copying and pasting) entering the same Dimension Values on the Resource Journal. However, we still would like to be able to use Work Type Code for what it was supposed to be used and to avoid manual entry.

    As for 2) if "Resource" is used as the Type on a Time Sheet, it only creates Resource Journal Lines which only results in Resource Ledger Entries and no Sales Invoice or G/L affect which are a must. We are thinking about exporting these Resource Journal Lines, reworking in Excel and then importing into Sales Journal or Sales Header/Lines. However, there is too much import/export work which may affect data quality.

    We are also considering using Jobs (and using "Job" Type), but the specifics of the business are such that they are facility/plant- [i.e. Dimension-] oriented and not project- [i.e. Job-] oriented. Put it differently, one Job can be done for several Customers (and Jobs allow only one Customer per Job) and Resources can work on different Jobs daily if not hourly.

    This is Business Central implementation.

    We would appreciate to hear from BC/NAV community on this and intend to share are eventual outcome for the benefit of the community in return.

    Thank you!

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