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Warehouse Picks wanted in Receiving but not Shipping (Insight Works)

  • 1.  Warehouse Picks wanted in Receiving but not Shipping (Insight Works)

    Posted Dec 03, 2019 08:23 AM
    tl;dr We require Picks for specific items being supplied to our production floor, but we do not want to use Picks for product being assigned to Warehouse Shipments in our Shipping Dept. Is this possible without a modification?

    We recently activated Bins in NAV (16). This was actually a two-part implementation as we were also implementing Insight Works at the same time to post output, create Ad-Hoc moves and post warehouse picks (for raw parts going into production).

    When working through the processes and our needs for activating bins, it was determined that we needed picks turned on for some items being supplied to our production floor. This has worked quite well for us on the raw part delivery end for the goods to be posted through the Pick module in Insight Works and have that registered pick attached to a specific PO (it's eliminated three manual logbooks and a lot of emails).

    Now that we have bins active and we are using have the entire facility using scanners, we are researching how to best implement the technology and the WMS features in NAV to assign product to shipments. Currently, our teams use excel spreadsheets to track what has been built for a Sales Order and then our Customer Service teams enter those quantities into the SO when the product is ready to ship. We do very large orders for the US Government; one order could include two or three shipments that is manufactured and built to the shipment throughout the month.

    Now our issue. Based on our current work style (building product for a Sales Order as it comes off of our lines and into Shipping), we would like to add product directly onto a Warehouse Shipment using the Insight Scanners. With Pick Required turned on, however, we are being forced into creating a Pick to apply product to the Warehouse Shipment.  A pick only provides a snapshot of what is currently available in the warehouse the moment it is created, though.  After eight hours, we could have several thousand more pieces ready to apply to our shipment.

    If we turn off Require Pick, the system allows us to assign product directly onto a Warehouse Shipment and we can ignore the pick that is generated in the system.  This is great because as our team builds a pallet, they can go directly in and assign it to the order.  On the flip side, it seems we can no longer generate a Pick for items to be supplied to our Production Lines, though.

    Is there a way we can set-up NAV to allow us to generate picks for only specific items on a Production Order being supplied to the production floor, but also not require picks to assign product to a Warehouse Shipment without modifying the system?

    A little more info on how we turned on bins.  We went very high-level with our bins and instead of creating individual rack locations, we treated bins like zones. Our bins are as follows, Receiving, WIP, Wall (where FG's post) and Shipping. Our initial goal was to get our folks accustomed to the idea of moving product around in NAV and with scanners.  From here, we will be targeting more granular integration of creating rack locations in the future.

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  • 2.  RE: Warehouse Picks wanted in Receiving but not Shipping (Insight Works)

    Posted Dec 03, 2019 09:18 AM
    Pick requirements are turned on and off by (warehouse) location, so if you are able to use different locations for production and shipping, you can turn off picks for shipping while leaving it on for production.

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