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    Posted 8 days ago
    ​​Good morning All,
    Wasn't sure where I was going to post this but I have seen a lot of good answers in this forum.

    We have implemented a new website using Sana with our NAV 2016 ERP. We have recently been asked implement PunchOut by a customer from our Sana website. Just looking to get some information or what others have done for a solution with PunchOut. I am very new to PunchOut but understand how it works.

    We are looking at couple different solutions.

    1. Have the whole thing coded in Sana and just have the cXML files sent back and forth to the customers PunchOut portal.

    2. Purchase a 3rd party PunchOut solution where we would probably still need some coding done in Sana.

    Has anyone else implemented a solution like this?
    If so what are the pros/cons?
    Is it better to code or buy a 3rd party?
    If 3rd party software which one?


    Mike Debner
    Crest Healthcare Supply
    Dassel MN